Existential Analysis Vol 35.1 February 2024 – Hard copy


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  • Editorial
  • Who Do We Think We Are? – Laura Barnett
  • A Phenomenology of Difference: Learning from Fanon’s encounter with existential phenomenology – Manu Bazzano
  • The Critical Voice: A heuristic enquiry into the experience of hearing inner voice to deepen our understanding of its meaning and purpose – Georgina Dyson-Horton
  • Decolonising Existential Philosophy: Considering disciplinary decadence within Western existential thought – Natalie Fraser
  • Being the Therapist Without ‘Being the Therapist’? – Carla Willig
  • Chaos Theory and Existentialism: Challenging assumptions – Chrysa Plymaki
  • Experiences of the Mystical Among People Who Hear Voices, See Visions or Have Other Extraordinary Experiences: Exploring epistemological issues – Loukia Chaidemenaki & Georgia Feliou
  • Hope Without Borders: Psychosis, polypharmacy and the future of care? – Michael R. Montgomery
  • The Traumas of Self-Reconstruction: An existential analysis of surviving migration – Scarlet Sarksan & Natalie Fraser
  • Escaping the Lolita Myth: Giving voice to the real Dolores Haze – Amy Bramley
  • The Art of Peace and Existential Therapy – Angelina Demilkhanova
  • Messenger Between East and West: Erna Hoch, Martin Heidegger and the beginnings of Daseinanalysis. Part 1 – Miles Groth
  • Book Reviews