Existential Analysis Vol. 27.2 July 2016 – PDF


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  • The McDonaldization of Psychotherapy? – Michael R. Montgomery
  • Throwness, Freedom And The Will For Authenticity: An Existential Developmental Approach to Psychotherapy – Evgenia Georganda
  • To ‘Be’ or to ‘Do’: Is that the Question? – John Pollard
  • Philosophy and Identity: The Relationship Between Choice of Existential Orientation and Therapists’ Sense of Self – Vicki Smith, Dawn Leeming & Viv Burr
  • Relatedness – Contextualising Being and Doing in Existential Therapy – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Embodied Democracy – Greg Madison
  • Open Dialogue: An Applied Laingian Practice – Monica Lawson
  • Why Process Is (Almost) Everything – Manu Bazzano
  • Persecutory Delusions: A False, Meaningless Pathology? A critique of the use of psychopathological conceptualisations of paranoia in Counselling Psychology practice – Rachel Osborne
  • Trauma Theory and Chinese Antiquity – Yiju Huang
  • The Role of Existential Therapy In The Prevention of Social Media-Driven Anxiety – Amir Adam Tarsha
  • Reflections Around The Existential Therapy-World – Yaqui Andrés Martínez Robles
  • Alone and Together With Myself: How Do We Experience Solitude? – Emma Jackson
  • A response to ‘Life And Death – A Meditation’ Susanna Rennie and Ernesto Spinelli – Diana Mitchell