Existential Analysis Vol. 27.1 January 2016 – Hard Copy


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  • Zhi Mian: Approaching Healing/Therapy Through Facing Reality :A Chinese Approach to Existential Thinking and Practice – Wang Xuefu
  • Why The Distinction Between Ontic and Ontological Trauma Matters For 16 Existential Therapists – Alice Holzhey-Kunz
  • ‘Home’ Is An Interaction, Not A Place – Greg Madison
  • The Therapeutic Functions Of Literature and Narrative – Simon du Plock
  • Considering The Epoché As An Attitude Rather Than As A Method – Lucia Moja-Strasser
  • Existential Therapy As A Skills-Learning Process – Martin Adams
  • Pain Is Not Pathology – Robert D. Stolorow
  • Al Mahrer (1927-2014): An Appreciation – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Process and Outcome Research in Existential Psychotherapy – Sofia Alegria, Inês Carvalho, Daniel Sousa, Edgar Agrela Correia, João Fonseca, Branca Sá Pires, Sandra Fernandes
  • Therapy with Children and Adolescents In The Phenomenological-Existential Tradition: Community-Based Clinical Interventions – Branca Sá Pires
  • Reviving Antiquity: A Consideration of Askésis_and Existential Psychotherapy – Rebecca Greenslade
  • Saturated Phenomena and Their Relationship To ‘Extreme Experiences’: A Phenomenological Comparison Between Mystical Experiences and Psychotic and Depressive Experiences Based on Jean-Luc Marion’s Philosophy – Georgia Feliou
  • Life And Death: A Meditation – Susanna Rennie & Ernesto Spinelli
  • A Correction and Brief Reply To Montenegro’s (2015) ‘A Comparison Of Freudian and Bossian Approaches To Dreams’ – Darren Langdridge
  • The Scientific Discovery of Emotions – A Turning Point in Philosophy? – Aron B. Bekesi
  • Existential Therapy Institutions Worldwide: An Update of Data and the Extensive List – Edgar A. Correia, Mick Cooper and Lucia Berdondini
  • Book Reviews