Existential Analysis Vol 33.2 July 2022 – PDF


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  • Race: Can we, should we, suspend judgement? – Haran Rasalingam
  • From Personal Dignity to Mental Health: How patients have taught me that tolerance is bad and respect is good – Rafał Miętkiewicz
  • Feeling Othered: A third culture kid perspective – Marium Akhund
  • What Does It Mean to be an Existential Mother? – Alix Velasco
  • The Threshold of Imminence: An exploration of Merleau-Ponty’s Chiasm and its implications for the therapeutic encounter – Alice Weston
  • The Disruption of Perception: How the philosophy of Maurice Merleau-Ponty can help us understand the phenomenon of intoxication and addiction – Ross Anderson
  • Experiential CBT: Proposing a theory of change with practice implications – Greg Madison
  • Becoming: An existential-developmental understanding of human dilemmas and existential psychotherapy – Evgenia Georganda
  • Working at a Cathedral: Building a method for phenomenological literature-reviewing – Chris Cleave
  • Dreaming of M.H. – Anthony Stadlen
  • On the Editorship of Zollikoner Seminare – Anthony Stadlen
  • The Ethics of Daseinsanalysis – Anthony Stadlen
  • amo: volo ut sis. Therapeutic Eros in Daseinanalysis – Miles Groth
  • Book Reviews