Existential Analysis Vol 32.1 January 2021 – Hard Copy


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  • The Uncanny in the Time of Pandemics: Heideggerian reflections on the Coronavirus – Kevin Aho
  • The Worst Thing, That was the Best Thing, That Ever Happened to Me – Damien Stewart
  • Lockdown: An examination of how trauma challenges the ontology of the frame – Tabitha Draper
  • My Being in Time: How my past lives reveal who I still am – Diana Mitchell
  • A Gentle Introduction to Being and Becoming – Hugh Knopf
  • To Plan or Not to Plan? That is the (a priori) question – Rosemary Lodge & Zoe Gelis
  • Being Dyslexic, COVID-19, Boredom and the Primordial Moment – Simon Wharne
  • Existential Trauma in Times of CoVIEd and the Beirut Blast – Verity J. Gavin
  • Non-self Psychology: The Buddhist phenomenology of self experience – Ken Bradford
  • For One it is a Self-Isolation, But for Another it is a ‘Beloved Mother’: Research and thoughts of an existential therapist during the quarantine period in France – Olga Tolmachova
  • Narratives of Cancer Patients About Life Trajectories and Illness: Contributions of Sartrian existentialism to palliative care – Fabíola Langaro & Daniela Ribeiro Schneider
  • Thomas Szasz: From social behaviourist to dramaturgic-existentialist – Robert Spillane