Existential Analysis Vol. 11.1 January (2000) – Beings-in-the-world I – PDF


Existential Analysis Vol. 11.1 January (2000) – Beings-in-the-world I – PDF

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  • Creation and Being: Existential-phenomenological Challenges to Psychoanalytic Theories of Creativity – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Hazel E. Barnes Autobiography as an Existential Analytic example of he good life:A students tribute – Betty Cannon
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Heidegger but were afraid to ask your therapist – Darren Woolf
  • Letter to the Editors – Anthony Stadlen
  • The language of Embodiment – Dariane Pictet
  • Is Existential Psychotherapy a Lesbian and Gay affirmative therapy – Martin Milton
  • A response to Martin Milton – Harriet Goldenberg
  • Death and Dying: Resurrection or Dissolution ? A dialogue in suffering between Frankl and Sartre – Albyn Leah Hall
  • The world of the Cancer patient from an Existential perspective – Bo Jacobsen, Stine Dalsgaard Joergensen, and Susanne Eilenberger Joergensen
  • Ethics and Practice: Levinas and the Post Modern therapist – Del Lowenthal and Robert Snell
  • The Self, Angst and Despair: Can Kierkegaards Thought help our Understanding of Disturbed Adolescents – Roberto Rusca
  • Aaron Esterson: an obituary – Anthony Stadlen
  • Book Reviews