Existential Analysis Vol. 30.1 January 2019 – PDF


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  • Editorial
  • Facing An Uncertain Future: The Next 30 Years Of Existential Therapy – Emmy van Deurzen
  • Blockchain Will Power The Future Of Psychedelic Psychotherapy – Adam Knowles
  • Money And Time: Being With Money In The Therapeutic Relationship – Paul Silver-Myer
  • Openness To Change And The Public Place Of Existential Therapy In 2048 – Ryan Kemp
  • Moving On Creatively: Creative Existential Therapy For Children, Adolescents And Adults – Verity J. Gavin
  • What’s So Existential About Existential Therapy? – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Simone de Beauvoir: Existential Philosophy And Human Development – Martin Adams
  • On The Possibility Of Dialogue Between Existential-Phenomenological And Cognitive Behavioural Approaches To Working With Couple Relationships – Michael Worrell
  • Psychiatric Drag – Jan Sheppard
  • Radical Authenticity – Ken Bradford
  • A Phenomenology Of The Therapeutic After Husserl And Merleau-Ponty – Tony McSherry, Del Loewenthal and Julia Cayne
  • Recognising Echoism As A Phenomenon In Existential Therapy: A Daseinsanalytic Hermeneutic Approach – Donna Christina Savery
  • Existential-Phenomenological And Hermeneutic Approach To The Analysis Of Erotic-Affective Relationships – Gabriela Flores Macías
  • Médard Boß. A Memoir (1973) – Translated by Miles Groth
  • Book Reviews