Existential Analysis Vol. 24.1 January 2013 – PDF


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  • Meetings With A Remarkable Man – A Personal Recollection Of Professor Maurice Friedman Simon du Plock
  • Thomas Szasz Obituary – Anthony Stadlen
  • Bioethics In Psychiatry: An Existential Contribution – Gianfranco Buffardi
  • Personality Disorders As Existential Phrenitis: An Ontological Understanding – Victor Amorim Rodrigues & Miguel Montenegro
  • Human Development From An Existential Phenomenological Perspective: Some Thoughts And Considerations – Martin Adams
  • From Mental Health Patient To Person – Peter Bull
  • Let The Kierkegaardian Comedy Resume: Faith-Phobia And Faith-Ful 70 Leaping In Evidence-Based Criteria For Therapeutic Care – Todd DuBose
  • The Unsettled Sense – Derek Bean
  • Roads of Freedom – An Existential-Phenomenological Approach To A Psychotherapy Journey – Guiomar Gabriel
  • Rock-Bottom As An Event of Truth – Ryan Kemp
  • Tragic Possibility, Tragic Ambiguity – William James And Simone de Beauvoir
  • On Freedom and Morality – Mathew A. Foust
  • Ressentiment: The Air We Breathe And The Way We Breathe – Louise Lumb
  • An Existential Phenomenological Model Of Supervision – Sarah Pagdin
  • Book Reviews