Existential Analysis Vol 31.2 July 2020 – PDF


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  • Editorial
  • Paradox, Polarity and the Pandemic: making sense of the existential impacts of COVID-19 on people’s lives – Marc Bush
  • Did you receive the post? Heideggerian leaps into online therapy with children during the COVID-19 pandemic – Claire Francica
  • Out of Your Existential Mind: Madonna, relevance and nuance – Michael R. Montgomery
  • The Use of Imagery Activated by Music Listening in Psychotherapy – Letizia Orlando
  • Iambe – From Lament To Obscenity: Rhythm and music in the Eleusinian myth and mysteries – Angelique Vagopoulou
  • A Sartrean Analysis of J. Alfred Prufrock – Jamie Giles
  • One ‘P’ to Conquer them all: An existential-phenomenological critique of the ‘5 P s model’ of psychological formulation and its alternative – Dale Judd
  • The Definition, Understanding and Treatment of Echoism Using the Daseinsanalytic Model of Alice Holzhey – Kunz Donna Christina Savery
  • ‘This Mute and Permanent Question’: What is inherent in existential sexuality? – Elv Moody
  • The Subject Matter of Psychology: Psyche, Dasein, non-self – Ken Bradford
  • Reframing human development existentially: A consideration of some invariant themes – Martin Adams
  • Fostering Mirthful Acceptance in Couples Therapy: An existential viewpoint – Enrico Gnaulati
  • Book Reviews