Existential Analysis Vol 31.1 January 2020 – Hard Copy


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  • Editorial
  • Shot by Both Sides: Punk Attitude and Existentialism – Stuart Hanscomb
  • The Beauty of the World and the Heart of the Labyrinth: A Consideration of Simone Weil’s Use of Metaphor in Confronting Us With What is Most Difficult in Living – Marion Steel
  • On Learning to ‘Hit with Love’: The Martial Arts and Therapy – Michael Worrell
  • The Skin Is Faster Than The Word – Manu Bazzano
  • Phenomenology and the Arts: Five Themes Through Music – Monia Brizzi
  • Heidegger and the Poets: We Need to Talk About Trakl – Jamie McNulty
  • A Phenomenological Reflection Upon the Therapeutic Benefits of Kum Nye in the Recovery from Trauma – Jason Upton
  • Being Toward 2048: The Future Troubles of Dasein and Why Existential Phenomenological Psychotherapy Will be Important: Parts III and IV – Richard Swann
  • Refractions in Time: A Minkowskian Understanding of Being Dislocated in Time – Marc Bush
  • Existential Fulfilment, Religiousness, Values and State of Mental Health: Results of Empirical Research Among Students – Karol Mausch & Ewa Ryś
  • An International Bibliography of the Writings of Medard Boss (1929-2003) – Miles Groth
  • Book Reviews