Existential Analysis Vol. 29.1 January 2018 – Hard Copy


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  • Editorial
  • When Naked Means Naked: An Experiential Journey – Colin Clarke
  • Grace And Danger – Manu Bazzano
  • Existential Experimentation: An Exploration Of Two Clients Relating To The Theme Of ‘Naked and Dangerous’ – Amelia Jeans, Lauren Sayers, Chekkie Kauntze & Mark Rayner
  • Remembering Gene Gendlin – Greg Madison
  • Phenomenology And Metaphysical Realism – Robert D. Stolorow
  • Exploring Learning Outcomes In Existential Therapy – Anders Dræby Sørensen, Rosemary Lodge & Emmy van Deurzen
  • The Best Medicine? Psychotherapists’ Experience Of The Impact Of Humour On The Process Of Psychotherapy – Neil Gibson & Digby Tantam
  • Openness In Psychotherapy: Late Heidegger And The Clearing – Rupert King
  • Anxiety, Despair And The Knight Of Faith: The Ontological, The Ontic And The Transcendent in Søren Kierkegaard – Richard Swann
  • Existential Transformative Coaching: Working With Images, Feelings And Values To Revitalize The Life-World – Emmy van Deurzen and Sasha van Deurzen-Smith
  • Between Fantasy And Finitude: Re-Appraising Kierkegaard’s Philosophy Of Despair With A Contemporary Existential-Psychotherapeutic Attitude Of (De)Spero – Marc Bush
  • Book Reviews