Existential Analysis Vol. 26.2 July 2015 – PDF


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  • Daring to Play: Art, Life and Therapy, From Heidegger to Gadamer, By Way of Barthes’ Punctum and the Paintings of Paul Klee – Marion Steel
  • SEA Conference – Round Table and Open Forum: ‘The Challenge to Theory in Existential Psychotherapy’ – Carla Willig, George Berguno, Mick Cooper, Martin Milton, Simon du Plock, Ernesto Spinelli
  • Daring to Listen to the Truth of the Body: Existential-Phenomenology Needs The Body’s Response – Greg Madison
  • Echoism: Is there a place for Echoism in Existential Analysis? – Donna Christina Savery
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: An Existential Approach To Therapy? – Christine E. Ramsey-Wade
  • Medard Boss’s Daseinsanalysis Of Martin Heidegger. Reflections and a Conjecture on an Unexplored Aspect of the Zollikon Seminars – Miles Groth
  • A Review of the Reviewer Reviewing The Film – Hannah Arendt Mike Harding
  • Unlocking Meaning: Language In The Therapy Room – Rossella Vaccaro
  • Presence: The Core Contextual Factor of Effective Psychotherapy – Kirk Schneider
  • A Comparison of Freudian and Bossian Approaches to Dreams – Miguel Montenegro
  • Consciousness, Self-Consciousness And The Unconscious – Christopher Macann
  • A Response to the Paper by Sophie Caston in Existential Analysis 26.1 – Naomi Stadlen
  • Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy From a Philosophical Point of View – Claudia Reitinger
  • Book Reviews