Existential Analysis Vol. 22.2 July 2011 – PDF


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  • De Beauvoir, Bridget Jones’ Pants and Vaginismus – Meg Barker
  • Sex and Circuses Escaping into the Other – Manu Bazzano
  • An Existential View of Sex and Sexuality – Richard Pearce
  • Barebacking and Being, Passion and Paradox: Existentially Confronting Sex and Mortality – Colin Clarke
  • The Ethics of Interpretation (Inaugural Professorial Lecture) – Carla Willig
  • Transsexualism and Existentialism – Christina Richards
  • Evanescence and Tragic Beauty An Existential Reading of Yukio Mishima’s The Temple of the Golden Pavilion – George Berguno
  • The Ten Deadly Sins of Psychotherapy – Jiří Růžička
  • From Existential Psychotherapy to Existential Medicine – Peter Wilberg
  • The Imagery of Water in Camus’ La Chute – James Belassie
  • Ageing-Towards-Death Phenomenology of Finitude During Old-Age – João da Fonseca
  • Negative Capability The Psychotherapists’ X-Factor? – Diana Voller
  • What is the Difference Between Existential Anxiety and so Called Neurotic Anxiety? ‘The sine qua non of true vitality’ An Examination of the Difference Between Existential Anxiety and Neurotic Anxiety – Susan Iacovou
  • Book Reviews