Existential Analysis Vol. 21.1 January 2010 – PDF


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  • Phenomenology and the Practice of Science – Amedeo Giorgi
  • Have You Ever Wondered What It Might Be Like To Try And Cuddle A Tiger? An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Practitioners’ Experience of Aggression – Roly Fletcher and Martin Milton
  • Mindfulness, Nothing Special – Maureen Cavill
  • Mindfulness, Nothing Special, Yet Special! – Jyoti Nanda
  • A True Person of No StatusNotes on Zen and the Art of Existential Therapy – Manu Bazzano
  • Passion and DetachmentKierkegaard’s Knight of Faith – Marcia Gamsu
  • The Foundation of Existentialism in the Oldest Story Ever Told, The Epic of Gilgamesh – Micah Sadigh
  • What Makes Me Separate From You? – David Parry
  • Freedom Captured by the Green-Eyed Monster: Some Existential Perspectives on Romantic Jealousy – Helen Acton
  • Facing Down Death. Short Reflections on Death, Love and Happiness – John Hills
  • Our Post-Moral Future? – Terri Murray
  • Book Reviews