Existential Analysis Vol. 19.1 January (2008) – PDF


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  • James Joyce’s Concept of the Underthought: A Reflection on Some Similarities with the Work of Wittgenstein – Mike Harding
  • Phenomenological Understanding of Psychosis – Kurt Dauer Keller
  • I Choose, You Choose, We Choose – Pan Tekosis
  • Living ME. Some reflections on the Experience of Being Diagnosed with a Chronic ‘Psycho-somatic’ Illness – Simon du Plock
  • Focusing, Intersubjectivity and “Therapeutic Intersubjectivity” – Greg Madison
  • Anxiety in Existential Philosophy and the Question of the Paradox – Natalie Wulfing
  • Authenticity in Existential Analysis – Miles Groth
  • The Emergency of Self in Relationship – Trevor Butt
  • The Integrity Model. A Trialogue – Simon du Plock, Nedra R. Lander, Danielle Nahon
  • Can I Be A Homosexual Please. A Critique Of Existential Deliberations On The Issue Of Homosexuality And Their Significance For The Practice Of Existential Psychotherapy – Marc Medina
  • From Monet’s Paintings to Margaret’s Ducks. Divagations on Phenomenological Research – Daniel Sousa
  • Ethics as First Philosophy and its Implications for Psychotherapists and Counsellors – David Parry
  • Adrian van Kaam Obituary – Daniel Burston
  • Book Reviews.