Existential Analysis Vol. 15.2 July (2004) – PDF


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  • A Short Note Underlying Reflection on Psychotherapy Research – Daniel Sousa
  • Nietzsche and Psychoanalysis The Fate of Authenticity in a Postmodernist World – M.Guy Thompson
  • Szasz, Laing and Existential Psychotherapy – Daniel Burston
  • Understanding the Bully-Victim Cycle – Stephen James Minton and Patricia Minton
  • The Hermeneutic Phenomenology of Paul Ricoeur. Problems and Possibilities for Existential-Phenomenological Psychotherapy – Darren Langdridge
  • Choice or Discovery.An Exploration of Kierkegaard’s Theory of the Self – Steve Kirby
  • Reflections on Repetition: A Venture in Experimenting Psychology by Constantin Constantius – Lucia Moja-Strasser
  • Some Aspects of Kierkegaard’s ‘Works of Love’ Precious Words for the Existential Therapist? – Rachel Miller
  • Being a Fighter II‘It’s a positive thing around my male friends’ – Martin Milton
  • Analysis of the Basic Moods in Dreaming and Further Work With Them – Vjacheslav Letunovsky
  • Existential Therapy in Working with the Body – Vjacheslav Letunovsky
  • On Existential Psychotherapy A Hermeneutic and Meta-Representational Perspective – Ian R. Owen
  • Between the Unknown and the Emergence of Psychotherapeutic Research Questions – Julia Cayne and Del Loewenthal
  • Ars Moriendi. Thinking Beyond Death Anxiety – Luis M. Rodriguez
  • Why Philosophers in these Desolate Times? – Jane Curzon
  • Hermeneutics & Psychotherapy Issues and Perspectives, In Brief – Michael Gavridis
  • Obituary: Hans W. Cohn – Diana Mitchell
  • My Memories of Hans – Emmy van Deurzen
  • Book Reviews