Existential Analysis Vol. 15.1 January (2004) – PDF


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  • Viagra for the Brain:Psychotherapy Research and the Challenge to Existential Therapeutic Practice – Mick Cooper
  • How Can Existentialists Do Research On Psychotherapy? – Alvin R. Mahrer and Donald B. Boulet
  • What Do We Mean When We Use The Word ‘Research’? – Simon du Plock
  • The Meaning of Understanding and the Open Body:Some implications for Qualitative Research – Les Todres
  • The Locus of Addiction – Paul Smith-Pickard
  • Dimensions and Meanings of Anxiety – Steve Kirby
  • Can Existentialism Provide a Normative Ethical Framework for Psychotherapy? – Robert Cass
  • ‘What is a philosopher’s best friend?’ – Julie Vasili
  • Understanding and Interpretation in the Clinical Setting: A Heideggerian Perspective – Jonathan Hall
  • Being a Fighter:’It’s a whole state of being’ – Martin Milton
  • Some Remarks on ‘Existentialism’, ‘Self and ‘Relationality’ – Alfons Grieder
  • The Autobiography of I and Thou:A Philosophical Psychoanalysis – Shlomit C. Schuster
  • The Politics of Experience – Daren Messenger
  • A Comparative Analysis of Zen Buddhism and Heidegger – Catherine Dorrell and George Berguno
  • Book Reviews