Existential Analysis Vol. 14.1 January (2003) – Hard Copy


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  • Scheler, Nietzsche & Social Psychology – Daniel Burston
  • The Internalisation of Nietzsche’s Master and Slave Morality – Steve Kirby
  • My Eagle’s Nest: An ironic letter from a trainee psychotherapist to Johannes Climacus – Chris Scalzo
  • Pyrrhonian Scepticism and Psychotherapy – John M Heaton
  • The Utility of Doubt – Karen Weixel-Dixon
  • Online Counselling: Some Considerations for Existential-Phenomenological Practitioners – Elaine Kasket ‘Journey ‘within’ Metaphysics: (Distinctions and Separations) – Teresa Corso
  • Approaching Existential Psychotherapy – Paul Dean
  • The Representation of the Openness of Consciousness in some Current Theories of Human Nature – Peter Ashworth
  • The Existential-Phenomenological Paradigm: The Importance for Psychotherapy Integration – Martin Milton, Linda Charles, Dale Judd, Michael o’Brien, Annie Tipney and Amanda Turner
  • Martti Siirala on his Eightieth Birthday – Ann-Helen Siirala and Anthony Stadlen
  • Essay Review: Martin Heidegger’s Impact on Psychotherapy by Gion Condrau – Anthony Stadlen
  • Book Reviews