Existential Analysis Journal 32.2 – Hard Copy


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  • A Box of Darkness: Transforming the experience of existential loss – Chris Goto-Jones
  • A Discussion of Workplace Bullying: Its impact on the sense of self from an existential phenomenological perspective, and implications for existential clinical practice – Maria Galani
  • The Importance of Existential Courage in Experiencing Boundary Situations – Rafał Miętkiewicz
  • Taking HIV Out of the Equation? A phenomenological exploration of a small group of gay men’s meaning making around sexuality whilst on PrEP – Phoebus Ebbini & Neil Lamont
  • The Eight Tensions Framework: An existential-phenomenological analysis of the 231 tensions of undergraduate life – Natalie Lancer & Virginia Eatough
  • A Year of the Pandemic: Existential themes for psychotherapists – Claire Spiller
  • An Exploration of Some Connections Between Existentialism, Education and Psychotherapy Teaching – Martin Adams
  • What Does It Mean to ‘Teach Existentially’, and How Can We Teach Existentialism Existentially – Simon du Plock, Martin Adams & Rosemary Lodge
  • ‘Schizophrenia’ in the Echo Chamber – Rachel Noar
  • Working With Power in Existential Therapy – Paul Overend
  • De-colonising My Trans Body: Fanon and the masks I have worn – Daniel Benjamin Jones
  • Bad Faith: Inequality and discrimination within UK healthcare regulation – Dominic Macqueen
  • Book Reviews