Volume 9.2 – 1998


  • Existential encounters with the paranormal and the uncanny – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Teaching phenomenology as a social activity – George Berguno
  • Bad faith in psychotherapy – Carol Holmes
  • A man dying with AIDS: Psychoanalysis or existentialism – Michelle Crossley
  • Heideggers influence on R.D.Laing – Daniel Burston
  • Fact or Fiction? The relationship of fact and a narrative – Harriet Goldenberg
  • Reference, Temporality and Defence – Ian Owen
  • Albert Camus, Claude Sautet and the treatment of existential despair – David Welsh Simpson
  • Frames for therapies or therapies for frames? The relation between setting and aim of psychotherapy – Hans Cohn
  • Existential psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis: Poles apart? – Alistair Mcbeath
  • Book Reviews

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