Volume 8.2 Phenomenological Dimensions – 1997


  • From geworfenes dasein to ereignetes Dasein – Holger Helting
  • The Existentialism of George Kelly – Trevor Butt
  • Solitude. A phenomenological approach – Alfons Grieder
  • Diltheys hermeneutics – Hans Peter Rickman
  • Sexual Misconceptions: a critique of gay affirmative therapy and some thoughts on an Existential Phenomenological theory of sexual orientation – Simon du Plock
  • The Divided Self: The destructive potential of an HIV+ diagnosis – Michelle Crossley
  • Heidegger and the Jewish Existential psychotherapist – Hans W Cohn
  • Authenticity, Ultimate Concerns and Existential Dimensions – Edward Grieg
  • Philosophical narratives and Existential Dimensions – Shlomit C. Schuster
  • Language – and overview from an Existential phenomenological perspective – Simone Davis
  • Existentialism, Existential Philosophy and African philosophy – Asmail Asmall
  • Kurt Lewins ‘Field Theory’ and phenomenology: a comparison – Michael Worrell
  • Merleau Ponty, Certain Uncertainty and Existential Psychotherapy – Diana Mitchell

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