Volume 33.1 – 2022


  • Monika and Mr Arbutus: On the search for experiential meaning – Chris Goto-Jones
  • Fundamentally Separate? Existential isolation and borderline personality disorder – Juliana Jolly
  • Specialisation From an Existential Perspective: The value of liminality and existing-between-worlds – Marc Boaz
  • Paradoxically ME – Paola Pomponi & Serena Fianco
  • I is Another – Manu Bazzano
  • On the Same Page: A workshop in creative writing and existential therapy – Stella Duffy & Chris Cleave
  • Our Steps and Styles are Different, But Our Dance is Harmonious – Diana Mitchell & Jyoti Nanda
  • Not One of Those Girls: An existential-phenomenological exploration of my eyeliner – Scarlett de Courcier
  • Teaching existentially or teaching existentialism? Writing existentially or writing about existentialism? Some thoughts and considerations – Martin Adams
  • Quietly Radical: Radical existentialism revisited – Michael R. Montgomery
  • Multilingualism and Psychotherapy: Are meaning and identity hijacked by the structure of language? – Serena Fianco
  • ‘This is Just to Say’: The descriptive image in the existential therapy room – Emily Howes
  • Mystification and Confusion in Recent Critique of Psychiatry – Jan Sheppard
  • Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain: A Psychological Case Study in the uses of enchantment – Simon du Plock
  • Book Reviews

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