Volume 29.2 – 2018


  • Editorial
  • Embracing Vulnerability In The Midst Of Danger: Therapy In A High Secure Prison – Naomi Murphy
  • On The Phenomenon Of Enttäuschung: A Rejoinder To Roy Schafer’s Psychoanalytic Formulation Of ‘Disappointment’ And ‘Disappointedness’ – Marc Bush
  • The Face Of The Other: Levinasian Perspectives On Nudity – Noam Israeli
  • Nakedness As A Necessity – Ben Scanlan
  • Remembering John Rowan – Mick Cooper
  • John Rowan: A Personal Rememberance – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Existentialism And Spirituality – John Rowan
  • Dora’s Dreams Revised: An Existential-Phenomenological Analysis – Miguel Montenegro
  • To Have A Self Or To Be A Non-Self: ‘Having’ And ‘Being’ Modes In Relation To Existential And Buddhist Understanding – Charles Gordon-Graham
  • Projective Identification, Concretely Experienced: A Preliminary Daseinsanalytic Reformulation – Jeffrey Grant
  • Bugental And The Art Of Being – Ashley L. Whitaker
  • Existential-Phenomenological Psychologist’s Action – Paulo Evangelista
  • Kierkegaard On Abraham’s Movement To The “Knight of Faith” And Its Possible Understanding In Existential Therapy – Zeb Kaylique
  • The Nakedness Of The Dead Body – The Meaning Of Death To Healthcare Professionals Working With The Dying – Christian Schulz-Quach
  • Letters To The Editor

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