Volume 28.1 – 2017


  • Radical Existentialism – The Outsider – Michael R. Montgomery
  • Towards a Radical Psychotherapy – Richard Pearce
  • Therapy Beyond Its Remit – Marty Radlett
  • Exile on Main Street – Towards A Counter-Existential Therapy – Manu Bazzano
  • Existential Experimentation: From being and doing to an approach that addresses the theme of ‘insider and outsider’ – Mark Rayner, Chekkie Kauntze & Lauren Sayers
  • Existentialism and the Dialogical Self – John Rowan
  • Everyday Therapy: Putting the Wonderment Back into Our Daily Lives – Simon du Plock
  • Leaping-In And Leaping-Ahead: An Exploration Of Heidegger’s Notion Of Solicitude – Barbara Karban
  • Drawing from a Deeper Well: Contemplative Asian Sources of Radical Existential Thought – Ken Bradford
  • ‘A Process You May be Entering’ – Decision-Making and Burnout in Mental Healthcare: an Existentially Informed Hermeneutic Phenomenological Analysis – Simon Wharne
  • The Paradox of Finitude in the Context of Infinitude: Is death denial an essential aspect of being in the world? – Mark Vahrmeyer and Simon Cassar
  • Existential Contributions to the Problematization of Trauma: An Expression of the Bewildering Ambiguity of Human Existence – Kate Du Toit
  • Can Existential-Phenomenological Theory and Epistemology ever be Congruent with Empirical Research and Systematizations? – Edgar A. Correia
  • Romanyshyn and the Half-Connecting Body – Marcus D. Watson
  • Book Reviews

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