Volume 26.1 – 2015


  • Experiencing Change: A Phenomenological Exploration – Ernesto Spinelli
  • ‘The simple words the people speak’ On Hilary Mantel’s introduction to a 2014 seminar on ‘Maya Abbott and the Abbotts’ in Laing and Esterson’s Sanity, Madness and the Family (1964) – Anthony Stadlen
  • Sanity, Madness and the Family – Hilary Mantel
  • The Contribution Of Female Existential Philosophers To Psychotherapy – Digby Tantam
  • Existential Therapies: A Review Of Their Scientific Foundations and Efficacy – Joël Vos, Mick Cooper, Edgar Correia, Meghan Craig
  • Cancer And Rorschach From An Existential Perspective – Susana C. Signorelli
  • A Phenomenological Meditation on Shinya Tsukamoto’s Vital – George Berguno
  • What Does The Existential-Phenomenological Approach Have To Offer The Current Understanding Of The Pre-Verbal Months Of An Infant? – Sophie Caston
  • Light and Shadow In The Forest: A Phenomenological Exploration of Heidegger’s Clearing (die Lichtung) – Rupert King
  • Loving Our Clients: Can We Share All The Fruits? – Andrew Miller
  • An Exploration Into Self-Harm In Light of Heideggerian and Kierkegaardian Concepts of Repetition – Titos Florides
  • Kierkegaard’s Ideas On Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy – Ana Maria Lopez Calvo de Feijoo & Myriam Moreira Protasio
  • Meaning Therapy: Assessments And Interventions – Paul T.P. Wong
  • On Existential Supervision – Ernesto Spinelli

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