Volume 25.2 – 2014


  • Magnificent Monsters – Manu Bazzano
  • Hatred As Elaborative Choice – Trevor Butt
  • The Dialectic of Love And Hate. The Ecstatic As The Mediator – John M. Heaton
  • The Birth Of The Ethical Subject – Eugenia Lapteva
  • Love and Hate: Existentialism and Psychoanalysis – A Personal Perspective – Michael R. Montgomery
  • Love, Hate And The Emergence Of Self In Addiction Recovery – Ryan Kemp & Alan Butler
  • ‘Ticced Off’ : An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Of The Experience Of Tourette’s Syndrome – Ben Trubody
  • Conscience, Guilt; Nietzsche, Heidegger and Psychotherapy – Alex Watson
  • CORE Blimey! Existential Therapy Scores GOALS! – Mark Rayner & Diego Vitali
  • Beginning The Journey Of Informal Counseling From A Theistic Existential Approach: A Personal Perspective From A Catholic Christian – Dr. Charles Eick
  • The Worldwide Distribution And Characteristics Of Existential Counsellors And Psychotherapists – Edgar A. Correia, Mick Cooper and Lucia Berdondini
  • Szasz and the Unreliable Reader When is a ‘critique’ not a critique? – Anthony Stadlen
  • Szasz And Mutual Respect – When Is A Critique A Difference Of Opinion? A Response To Stadlen 2014 – Christina Richards

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