Volume 24.2 – 2013


  • The Journey To Baba Yaga: An Uncertain Landscape Into Light and Dark – Marion Steel
  • Fear Of The Soul: In Defence Of Therapeutic Freedom – Paul Gordon
  • Empowering Your Own Knowing: How to Conceptualise From The Body Not About The Body – Greg Madison
  • Sartre’s Concept Of The Look: Hell And Other People – Kathryn Jackson
  • Existential Boredom Re-examined: Boredom as Authenticity and Life-Affirmation – Christian A.R. Gilliam
  • Heidegger’s concept of Stimmung and its relevance to the practice of psychotherapy – Jouko Koecher
  • Emily Dickinson: Metaphorical Spaces and the Divided Self – Simon du Plock
  • Humanist Counselling and Existential Communication on Moral Issue – J.H.M. Mooren
  • Being Sexual: Human Sexuality Revisited – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Creative Existential Therapy For Children, Adolescents and Adults (With Special Reference To Training) – Verity J Gavin
  • Book Reviews

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