Volume 20.2 – 2009


  • Nothingness as the Ground for Change: Gestalt Therapy and Existential Psychoanalysis – Betty Cannon
  • A Response to Betty Cannon’s “Nothingness as the Ground for Change: Gestalt Therapy and Existential Psychoanalysis” – William Moats
  • Down These Mean Streets Existential Challenges for Therapy in the 21st Century – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Life is for Living Claiming Past, Present and Future – Emmy van Deurzen
  • Truth and Psychotherapy – Rimantas Kočiūnas
  • Rethinking Sexual Identity – Catherine Crabtree
  • Are Wellbeing, Health and Happiness Appropriate Goals for Existential Therapists? – Susan Iacovou
  • An Understanding Conversation in Dasainsanalysis – Jiří Růžička
  • To Be Or Not To BeUnderstanding Authenticity from an Existential Perspective – Meghan Craig
  • An Existential-Phenomenological Inquiry into the Meaning of Clinical Supervision What do we mean when we talk about ‘Existential-Phenomenological Supervision? – Simon du Plock
  • Language-Games Race and Bewitchment – Haran Rasalingam
  • Doing Counselling Psychology the Heideggerian Way – Jason A Copperstone
  • Out Of Chaos, Into A New Identity The Transformative Power of the International Sojourn – Lorraine Brown and Joanne Brown
  • Dr Freddie Strasser. A Personal Remembrance – Ernesto Spinelli
  • Book Reviews

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