Volume 20.1 – 2009


  • Szasz, Laing and Antipsychiatry Again – Daniel Burston
  • Brave New Worlding A response to: Practising Existential Psychotherapy: The Relational World by Ernesto Spinelli – Manu Bazzano
  • Being Aggressive. An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Kung Fu Practitioners’ Experience of Aggression – Roly Fletcher and Martin Milton
  • Noopsychosomatic Disorders in the Light of Empirical Studies – Karol Mausch
  • The Sense of Life as a Subjective Spiritual Human Experience – Ewa Ry
  • Mid-Life – A Time of Crisis or New Possibilities? – Yana Weaver
  • The Discovery of the Self Through the Academic Sojourn – Lorraine Brown and Iain Graham
  • Levinas and Gendlin Joint contributions for a 1st Person approach to understanding difficult situations in the Mid-East – Kevin C Krycka
  • Mindfulness and Existential Therapy – Marina Claessens
  • The Lived-Body of Drug Addiction – Ryan Kemp
  • Towards Authentic Existence – Heidegger’s Understanding of Guilt A new selected translation and commentary of section 58 of Sein und Zeit – Kevin Sludds
  • Mindfulness A lived Experience of Existential-Phenomenological Themes – Jyoti Nanda
  • Book Reviews

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