Volume 19.2 – 2008


  • On Crying – Paul McGinley
  • Hell Is Other People! A Genetic Theory of Personal Relations – Christopher Macann
  • The Biased Therapist Towards a Gadamerian Analysis – Marcia Gamsu
  • Towards a New Conception of the Human Condition – George Berguno
  • Being-towards-death and Its Relevance to Psychotherapy – Mo Mandić
  • Love Is a Hell of a Job! Some Considerations about Love and its Importance to Psychotherapy – Edgar Correia
  • Everyday Courage. Living Courageously Without Being A Hero – Marc Medina
  • Thinking Changes Stanley Cavell and Eugene Gendlin Donata Schoeller-Reisch
  • Debunking Antipsychiatry Laing, Law, and Largactil – Thomas Szasz
  • The Phenomenon of Self-Disclosure in a Psychotherapy Group – Rimantas Kočiūnas and Tatjana Dragan
  • Sartre’s Existentialism and Current Neuroscience Research – Digby Tantam
  • Hazel E. Barnes 1915-2008 A Farewell to America’s Foremost Sartre Scholar – Betty Cannon
  • Book Reviews

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