Volume 18.2 – 2007


  • The Idea For Which I Can Live Or Die: Another Look at Kierkegaard’s Leap of Faith – Rosemary Lodge
  • Unsettling Thought: An Alternative to Sedentary Concepts and a Defence of Frodo – Greg Madison
  • The Ontology of Change: Dilemma and Tragedy as Gateways to Deeper Meaning – Maurice Jenkinson and Martin Adams
  • From Biology to Being: Evolutionary Theory and Existential Practice – Martin Milton and Frances Gillies
  • The Prayer of the Heart, Ego-Transcendence and Adult Development – Olga Louchakova
  • Authenticity and Our Basic Existential Dilemmas: Foundational Concepts of Existential Psychology and Therapy – Bo Jacobsen
  • Being Aggressive:An Existential-Phenomenological Critique of the Psychological Literature on Human Aggression – Roly Fletcher and Martin Milton
  • Experiencing Vulnerability in Psychotherapy – Penny Leroux, David Sperlinger and Michael Worrell
  • “We-hood” as a Form of Coexistence and Group Psychotherapy – Jiri Ruzicka
  • ‘Laing’ in a Lexicon: Was R. D. Laing ‘deterministic’? – Anthony Stadlen
  • The Relevance of the Freudian Concept of ‘Transference’ to Existential Psychotherapy – Tara Davis
  • Gion Condrau: Obituary – Anthony Stadlen
  • Book Reviews

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