Volume 18.1 – 2007


  • (Be)coming Home: An Existential Perspective on Migration, Settlement and theMeanings of Home – Helen Hayes
  • Epiphanies: An Existential Inquiry – Matthew G. McDonald
  • A Relational Approach to Supervision:Some Reflections on Supervision from an Existential-Phenomenological Perspective – Simon du Plock
  • What is Happiness?: The Concept of Happiness in Existential Psychology and Therapy – Bo Jacobsen
  • The Expected Gift: Death in the Writings of Jacques Derrida and Martin Heidegger – Antony Daly
  • The Duel for Existenz: An Existential Reading of Arturo P rez-Reverte’s The Fencing Master – George Berguno
  • On Experience and Psychotherapy:A Dialogue with Michel de Montaigne – Matthew Henson
  • Spiritual Heart and Direct Knowing in the Prayer of the Heart – Olga Louchakova
  • Q-Methodology as a Phenomenological Research Method – Pnina Shinebourne and Martin Adams
  • The Madhouse of Being – Anthony Stadlen
  • Altered Place: Nostalgia, Topophobia, and the Unreality of Memory – Dylan Trigg
  • Merleau-Ponty, Mirror Neurons and ‘Me’:The Process of ‘Becoming’, in the Child’s Relations with Others – Tessa Youell
  • Book Reviews

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