Volume 17.2 – 2006


  • Transference as Existential Sexuality – Paul Smith-Pickard
  • Existential Migration. Conceptualising out of the experiential depths of choosing to leave “home” – Greg Madison
  • Towards an Existential Phenomenological Model of Life Span Human Development – Martin Adams
  • A Phenomenological Account Of The Other. Perspectives and Implications For Psychotherapy – Michael Gavridis
  • The Question of Existential/ Phenomenological Therapy – Paul McGinley
  • Was Heidegger a Religious Man? – Slava Letunovsky
  • Driven to Distraction. Realities of Existence and the Therapist – Dominic Macqueen
  • The Potency of Heidegger’s Ideas About Death – Susanna Rennie
  • Knowing It In The Body. I-Thou In Therapeutic Encounter – Jyoti Nanda
  • Solution Focused Therapy. A Way Forward for Brief Existential Therapy? – Darren Langdridge
  • The Empirical Evidence Base as the Re-appearance of the Problem of Psychologism – Ian Owen
  • Death and the Doctor II. A Phenomenological Investigation – Elaine Kasket
  • Essay review – Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving: 50 years on – Pnina Shinebourne
  • Essay review – Heidegger and Nazism. V. Farias, Being Jewish/Reading Heidegger: An Ontological Encounter – Allen Scult. Heidegger’s Volk: Between National Socialism and Poetry – James Phillips, Angela Buxton
  • Book Reviews

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