Volume 14.2 – 2003


  • Delusions of References – Mike Harding
  • The Secular Cure of Souls, “Analysis” or Dialogue? – Thomas Szasz
  • ‘A poor model for those in training’. The case of Thomas Szasz – Anthony Stadlen
  • The Absurd and the Embarrassing. Adopting the Szasz position with Dr Stadlen – Darren Wolf
  • Gelassenheit, ‘no-mind’ and psychotherapy – Jan Sheppard
  • Working with ‘Existence Tension’ as a Basis for Therapeutic Practice – Bill Wahl
  • Pictures, Images, Private Language and Pain in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations 1-309 Understanding the Language of Sensations – Alexander Smith
  • Philosophical Counselling and Its Logics – John Rowan
  • Two Views of Existentialism – John Rowan
  • Existentialism, Humanism and Psychotherapy – Daniel Burston
  • ‘One of Us?’ Could existential therapy have an explicit social role? – Greg Madison
  • From the Asylum to the Community. A way in which we are not any longer and in which we are not yet – On Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Greece – Thomas N. Hyphantis
  • Is Gift-Giving the Core of Existential Therapy? A Discussion with Irvin D. Yalom – Bo Jacobsen
  • Essay Review
  • Heidegger’s Zollikon Seminars – The ‘American’ Translation – Anthony Stadlen
  • Book Reviews

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