Volume 13.1 – 2002


  • Death – a Philosophical Perspective – Alfons Grieder
  • ‘Illness’ …and its Human Value – Greg Madison
  • Knowing That We Do Not Know – Belinda Hollows
  • The Existential Dimension to Working Through – M. Guy Thompson
  • The Advantages of Group Therapy In Treatment of ‘Despair’ – Dorothy Maglo
  • Some Reflections on an Existential-Phenomenological Approach to Working with Addiction – Simon du Plock
  • Is the Concept of Supervision at Odds with Existential Thinking and Therapeutic Practice – Diana Mitchell
  • Globalisation and the Complexity of the Self – Les Todres
  • Being-in-the-world as a Thirty-Eight Handicapper – Rosalind Stockley
  • The Experience of Hearing Voices – Benjamin Knudson and Adrian Coyle
  • Human All Too Human – Susanna Rennie
  • Therapeutic Revalidation in Existential Analysis – Miles Groth
  • Book Reviews

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