Volume 12.1 Beginnings – 2001


  • The Genetic Given:Towards an Existential Understanding of Inherited ‘Personality Traits’ – Mick Cooper
  • Reaching for God: The Existentialist’s Faith – Dorothy Maglo
  • An Inquiry into Primordial Thinking:with Parmenides and Heidegger – Dariane Pictet
  • Aesclepian Psychotherapy: The Emergence of an Aesclepian Psychotherapy – Theodor Itten
  • Practising phenomenology Some Reflections and Considerations – Martin Adams
  • Framing Death:(Or, What’s so Existential about Communicative psychotherapy?) – Greg Madison
  • On what can be said – John Heaton
  • The Phenomenology of the Call of Conscience – Susanna Rennie
  • Wittgenstein and Therapy – Brigitte Friedrich
  • Aspects of Finitude:(Comprehension and Apprehension) – Hugh Hetherington
  • The Phenomenology of Waiting – George Berguno
  • Book Reviews

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