Volume 10.2 Views of Heidegger – 1999


  • Why Heidegger? – Hans W Cohn
  • The nature of language and being: some views of Heidegger, Paz and Kundera – Oliver Frawley
  • The special hermeneutic of empathy – Ian R Owen
  • Occupational hazards: towards an existential approach to workplace counselling – Andrew Regan
  • Heideggers conscience – Darren Wolf
  • Memento mori – Robert Smith
  • The childs relations with others – Nicola Diamond
  • The discourse of existence: existential-phenomenological psychotherapy in a post modern world – Mick Cooper
  • What is ethical analysis – Steven Gans
  • Phenomenological perspectives on emotionality and their implications for existential psychotherapy – Christina Bruckland
  • Book Reviews

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